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BLINKIST – TV Advertising 2018

In a joint effort with Blinks Labs GmbH and Greatest Kidz, aconica developed the strategy and led the creative process for the main sound of the very first Blinks Labs TV ad.

RESPEKT – Video Advertising

We are very happy that we could support such an important project. We were responsible for the whole Sound Design and Audio Post Production.

SODA – iOS App

We are super happy to have been part of this fantastic project and being responsible for the whole UX, UI and Logo Design for this fully customizable DJ app.

INFORMR – News Video

We are happy to announce that we have created and produced the station ID, music and sound design for Funk`s new political news format called INFORMR.

THE LOST – Movie

Following our successful collaboration "Six Easy Pieces", we worked again on sound and music for Reynold Reynolds new art film "The Lost"

MINI 2021 – Sound Scenography

For the brand MINI (BMW Group) we developed and designed a generative sound collage & installation in the context of an internal management event called "Mini 2021"