BLINKIST – TV & Web Advertising Video 2018
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BLINKIST – TV & Web Advertising Video 2018

Our Service:
Consulting, Strategy and Creative Direction
blinkist / Blinks Labs GmbH
Lead Agency:
Music Creation and Production:
Greatest Kidz
Location :
Berlin, Germany
August 10, 2018

In a joint effort with Blinks Labs GmbH, aconica developed the strategy and led the creative process for the main sound of the very first Blinks Labs TV ad. Together with music production studio Greatest Kidz and of course Blinks Labs, we ultimately translated blinkist’s motto “Big ideas in small packages” acoustically.

What is Blinkist

Blinkist by Blinks Labs GmbH is an app that gives you the key ideas from bestselling nonfiction books, distilled into powerful short reads or listens for your mobile device. You can boost your knowledge and gain new perspectives with the biggest ideas from nonfiction books, presented in a quick, convenient, and memorable way.

Via iOS, Android, and web apps, blinkist offers many products for people to learn from:

• Over 2,500 books-in-blinks in audio and text which filter and compress ideas from non fiction books into key insights, in English and German
• The Blinkist Minute and Der Blinkist Impuls, short, daily briefs in audio and text that explain one key concept from a non-fiction book
• Simplify podcast, an author-interview podcast with over 1 million downloads
• A broad range of videos, from advertising to explainers and author interviews

More Information

blinkist Website