THE INVISIBLE KITCHEN – Installation & Event
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THE INVISIBLE KITCHEN – Installation & Event / Sound Design, Sonic Interaction Design and Music Production

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Our Service:
Sound Design, Sonic Interaction Design, Foley Sound and Music Production
WHITEvoid & Miele
Milan, Italy
April 28, 2016

For the first time Miele’s visionary idea of The Invisible Kitchen was be presented in Milan during the Milan Design Week 2016 from April 12-17.
Introducing The Invisible Kitchen: where intuitive technology meets timeless design. It is where loved ones come to gather and where aspiring gastronomists come to experiment. It is the heart of the home – a kitchen redefined in ways that are comprehensive enough for the most demanding chef and yet approachable for the beginner cook.
The Invisible Kitchen will power the future of cooking in a safer, healthier and more inspired home.


Interactive audiovisual installation

Lead Agency

WHITEvoid (idea, design and execution of the invisible kitchen concept)

Photos and Videos