MINI 2021 – Generative Sound Scenography
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MINI 2021 – Generative Sound Scenography

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Our Service:
Conceptual Design, Creative Direction, Sound Design and Production
MINI (BMW Group)
Munich, Germany
June 07, 2011

For the brand MINI (BMW Group) we were commissioned by the agency amp acoustic branding to develop and design a generative sound collage/sound installation as part of an internal management event called „MINI 2021“. Sound, light, architecture, video and music were intertwined in order create a unique multimedia spectacle during the whole event. Thematically and soundwise we had to orientate ourselves between the poles of „nature“ and „technology/future“. For this we used on the one hand sounds of nature such as forest-atmospheres, bird & nature sounds, etc. and on the other hand technological sounds like sci-fi sounds, functional noises, signals, synth sounds, etc. The sound collage should give the whole area a quiet but interesting and surprising listening atmosphere.

Audio Excerpt (live recording)

What is generative music?

Generative music is a term popularized by Brian Eno to describe music that is ever-different and changing, and that is created by a system. See also here: Wikipedia


Medium: Multichannel Audio Installation (generative live set-up)

Lead Agency

Project cooperation with amp GmbH

Photos by Stein Communication