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aconica is a design studio for audiovisual communication based in Berlin, Germany. Our focus is on communication through sound, design and technology. We conceive, design and produce projects in the fields of interactive, sound + media design, media-enhanced scenography, multi-sensory marketing, sound branding, digital music and classical communication: linear, generative, reactive, interactive.

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  • EFFEKTORIUM – Interactive Installation
    EFFEKTORIUM – Interactive Installation

    Creative Direction Sound, Supervision Sound Recording and Programming for interactive Sound & Light Installation

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  • CARMEQ & VW GROUP BRANDS - Automotive Projects
    CARMEQ & VW GROUP BRANDS - Automotive Projects

    UX & IX Design, Sound Design Sound Branding, App Design for Carmeq and VW Group Brands

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  • GOOGLE RE:IMAGINED 2014 – Video Mash-Up
    GOOGLE RE:IMAGINED 2014 – Video Mash-Up

    For the grand opening of the event „Google Brand Re:Imagined 2014“ we designed, produced and performed a Video MashUp

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  • TECHNOLOGY DAYS – Image Movie & Sound
    TECHNOLOGY DAYS – Image Movie & Sound

    We created and produced the music and sound design for Hamm AG`s (Wirtgen Group) new image movie

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  • FIRE SCENE AT SET TIME – Ableton Software Plugin
    FIRE SCENE AT SET TIME – Ableton Software Plugin

    Our first Max for Live plugin FIRE SCENE AT SET TIME is now available

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  • CORPORATE SOUND – Kabel Deutschland
    CORPORATE SOUND – Kabel Deutschland

    We worked together with MetaDesign on the Corporate Sound of Kabel Deutschland

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  • Sound design & music production for MDR SPUTNIK and FUNK
    Sound design & music production for MDR SPUTNIK and FUNK

    We created and produced the station ID, music and sound design for Funk`s new political news format INFORMR

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  • New work THE INVISIBLE KITCHEN at Milan Design Week 2016
    New work THE INVISIBLE KITCHEN at Milan Design Week 2016

    Once again we worked together with WHITEvoid for the leading manufacturer of premium domestic appliances MIELE

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  • Martin Backes Talk at SCOPE SESSIONS
    Martin Backes Talk at SCOPE SESSIONS

    Scope Sessions Artist Talks & Media Salon invited aconica Co-Founder Martin Backes to speak at their speaker session

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  • New collaboration with WHITEvoid
    New collaboration with WHITEvoid

    On behalf of WHITEvoid, we produced sound design & music as part of the audiovisual installation "The Twist"

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  • Automotive Projects for VW/Carmeq
    Automotive Projects for VW/Carmeq

    For VW Group Brands and Carmeq we developed and designed various projects in the sector of automotive

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  • University Lectureship at hdpk Berlin
    University Lectureship at hdpk Berlin

    We are giving again two courses at the SRH Hochschule der populären Künste in Berlin

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  • Event & Image Movie for TECHNOLOGY DAYS
    Event & Image Movie for TECHNOLOGY DAYS

    We created and produced the music and sound design for Hamm AG`s (Wirtgen Group) new image movie

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  • Video Mash-Up for GOOGLE RE:IMAGINED 2014
    Video Mash-Up for GOOGLE RE:IMAGINED 2014

    For the event „Google Brand Re:Imagined 2014“ we designed, produced and performed a Video MashUp

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What we do


At the start of every project we undertake a conversation with the client. Consultancy means for us above all dialogue and exchange of information. When we operate as a consultant we don’t just want to put across our competence, share experiences and make suggestions, rather it is first and foremost about hearing the specific requirements and wishes of our client. Lets talk!

Creation & Strategy

The goal defines the route. With your requirements and information we develop a well thought-out concept with enough room for creative ideas. We offer you a wide selection of services and possibilities to bring you safely to your goal – creatively and successfully.

Sound Design & Music

aconica shapes sounds and music for the media – be it film, audio-guides, video games etc. Additionally we follow new kinds of conceptional strategies for companies and products. For example, the use of acoustically supported navigation, acoustic elements within brand communication (corporate sound) and from feedback sound to function indicators (mobile devices, orientations systems etc.). Our know-how, rigorous execution and strong conceptional penetration guaranty our clients a certain distinctiveness.

Sound Branding & Advertising

From pure sound to acoustic brand. Sound Branding is a new instrument in the orchestration of marketing communication, an instrument that wins over new listeners to a brand and anchors itself in the memory of the target market. Music, language and sound are among the strongest tools available in marketing in order to provoke moods, emotions and feelings. The more channels of communication a brand has open, the greater the need for advice and conceptual unity. We conceive and design for you a structured process for the acoustic appearance of your brand with a view to maintaining an aesthetic connection to the cross-sensory appearance of the product.

Media-Enhanced Scenography

We create multi-media installations and concepts for a specific space or context. The design possibilities for installations are many and varied. Many factors must be taken into account for an exhibition to be successful. This applies to artistic work as well as to commercial scenarios such as sales rooms or business premises, trade fairs and multi-media events.

UX / IX / IA / UI Design

aconica designs dynamic relationships between people, spaces, objects and user interfaces of any kind. The focus is always on shaping content including designing communication and interaction processes so as to make them accessible to the user. Clear and effective concepts are essential for the success and realisation of a product in the international market. This is also the case for context sensitive solutions which provide the user a safe and pleasant interaction with the product. We apply our knowledge and experience in this field in order to offer functional solutions with aesthetic value.


Through tuition we aim to pass on skills and knowledge, be it in a classical teaching context or via compact workshops. With a wealth of experience in active teaching and the conception of tutorial programs we would hope to make our contribution to the quality of audiovisual design.


aconica is interested in active research in the field of sound and visual design. Time and time again our concrete work brings us in contact with research facilities where we are often called upon as external consultants. Thus far we have already completed experimental research in the areas of function and product-sound, user experience design, brand communication through sound and sound design, either independently or in collaboration with companies or universities. We always look forward to ambitious projects and participation in research projects.


aconica offers customized solutions and project support from the first sketch of an idea through conception, design and realization on to documentation and support for the finished product. We see ourselves as a competent advisor, concept developer, producer and researcher whose task it is to gather all relevant parameters to develop solutions which integrate seamlessly into the production of a product and its world of experience. Quality design, as we understand it, becomes apparent though more than mere beauty and elegance. Aesthetics and functionality are not mutually exclusive, rather they define the success of a media project or product. What is more, we are continuously developing effective working and research methods which allow an efficient and high quality of design throughout the course of a project. For this reason we are also in close ongoing contact with research facilities, universities and artists so as to integrate new developments, research findings and trends into our service.

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  • WHITEvoid GmbH
    WHITEvoid GmbH

    Interactive Art and Design

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  • Volkswagen AG
    Volkswagen AG


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  • Google Inc.
    Google Inc.

    Internet & Computer Software

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  • Studio Filmgraphik
    Studio Filmgraphik

    Graphic Design & Motion Graphics

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  • MINI (BMW Group)
    MINI (BMW Group)


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  • Native Instruments GmbH
    Native Instruments GmbH

    Computer Soft- and Hardware

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  • Amp GmbH
    Amp GmbH

    Corporate Design & Sound Branding

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  • Linde Group
    Linde Group

    Chemicals, Health Care, Energy, Engineering

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