"Mendelssohn Museum - Effektorium"



Sound: Creative Direction, Supervision Recording, Sound Production and Programming


Creativ Direction, Programming GUI and Visuals by WHITEvoid
Interior Design by Bertron Schwarz Frey


Interactive multimedia installation with gesture control (motion-tracking via LEAP) and Touchscreen


Leipzig, Germany


The centerpiece of the newly reopened Mendelssohn Museum is the interactive media installation "Effektorium". Visitors can conduct a digital Orchestra using a wand and touch screen. By using a browser interface, participants can navigate through various songs of the composer.


At the conductor's stand, visitors can choose from different Mendelssohn songs, and interactively control the Orchestra. The LED panels representing singers, musicians and notes, and visualize the music through light signals. By using the conductor`s wand (Motion-tracking via 3-D camera), visitors can change the tempo of the orchestral performance in real-time. The touch screen serves as an interactive control center for the following parameters:

  • position within the score
  • volume for single orchestral or choral groups
  • selective mute to hear individual instruments
  • visualization of score and notes
  • compare a music piece as directed by five different conductors
  • room acoustics: dry, music salon, concert hall, church
  • tuning: historical instruments (pitch 430 hz) and modern instruments (pitch 443 hz)
  • visualization of timbre and volume (LEDs)
  • general lighting

Visitors can move freely within the "orchestra pit" in order to listen to the individual instruments through their respective speakers. This creates the illusion, of walking through a real orchestra.

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