"Linde Group - Generative Sound Installations + Sonic Staging"

Audio (live recordings)


Concept development, design and production of generative sound installations and sonic staging for presentation


amp acoustic branding GmbH & The Linde Group



Starting Situation

Every two years, Linde GmbH organizes a Management Conference with the board of directors and around 500 managers to discuss strategic themes for corporate growth. aconica was asked by Munich-based agency amp acoustic branding to develop and produce various generative sound installations and sonic stagings for the Management Conference 2012 in order to emotionally underscore the conference topics and make a lasting impression on conference participants. The motto "It's Time to Act" articulates the Linde Group's goal to become the world market leader in the production of industrial gasses.


Participants were tuned into the vibe of the conference and its goals by the sound installations and the acoustic stagings. Our concept aimed to integrate both the conference location and the company values by using music as well as industrial, natural, ethnic and urban sounds. The main event of the Management Conference 2012 consisted of a live concert with a choir and an orchestra.

  • Linde Lounge: We set up a permanent sound installation in the Linde Lounge, at the hotel which served as the main location of the conference. The installation provided a subtle sound ambience which underlined the themes present in the visual design of the lounge.
  • Conference: During the conference at the Hyatt Hotel, various carefully selected sound themes and patterns served as audible cues. As an example, a traditional gong sound represented the beginning of a conference event.
  • M1NT Club: The club event at the hip M1NT Club consisted of two different sound areas, the restaurant and the Club Lounge. Atmospheric sounds and music in both areas provided a comfortable and lively acoustic environment.
  • Bubble Club: The entrance area of the Bubble Club was immersed into a futuristic sounding atmosphere, which respresented the motto of the Management Conference 2012 and set the vibe for the great final concert.

What is generative music?

Generative music is a term popularized by Brian Eno to describe music that is ever-different and changing, and that is created by a system. See also here: Wikipedia


Medium: 3 multichannel sound installations for 3 locations (generative live set-up), plus sonic stagings during the conference.

Special features

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